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  • 4/05/2016

    This May Day, protestors in Hong Kong took to the streets to demand the release of two labour activists arrested for organising with workers in the garment industry for better conditions.


  • 9/12/2015

    Just in the last month there have been two cases of environmental protests occurring in China. Around one thousand people protested on the streets of Yangjiang city, in Guangdong province, against the construction of an incinerator. And ten thousand  people protested against a chemical factory in Shangrao city, Jianxi province. The protesters in both cases battled with the police. As a result, many people were injured or arrested.

  • 2/10/2015

    Former Huizhou SKS workers and the Hong Kong labor rights groups including Globalization Monitor (GM), Students and Scholars Against Corporate Misbehaviour (SACOM) and Asian TNC Monintoring Network (ATNC) staged an action in front of the store of Tommy Hilfiger at Tsim Sha Tsui today.




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