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  • 1/11/2017

    A new investigative report by The Changing Markets Foundation, Globalization Monitor and SumOfUs reveals that the four leading manufacturers of milk formulas are unduly boosting profits by exploiting parents’ understandable desire to give the best possible nutrition to their babies.





  • 16/08/2017
    Due to the new FNGO law preventing labor rights groups from receiving financial support from foreign donors and Wal-Mart China’s fierce attacks on labor rights at its shops in China, WCWA decided to use a crowd funding campaign online to raise funds to support Wal-Mart employees nationwide with their legal actions against Wal-Mart’s forcing workers to accept the flexible working hours system in the workplace. The WCWA has successfully raised CNY 50,000 (€ 6,300) and this is solely being used to cover attorneys’ fees for workers. The Association has provided detailed and effective legal support for the Wal-Mart employees, including preparing documents for litigation (arbitration), strategies and collecting evidence. The Association mainly supports those with financial difficulties in hiring lawyers for their litigation.
  • 5/05/2017
    On 21 June, the Walmart Chinese Workers’ Association (WCWA) announced in its blog that it and its American counterpart, OUR Walmart (Organisation United for Respect at Walmart), had joined hands in cyberspace to discuss how to move forward in their struggle against Walmart. This marks a new stage in recent Chinese labour history. This time the news is not about a leader of the All-China Federation of Trade Unions (ACFTU), the official government trade union, shaking hands with a leader from a foreign trade union. Nor is it Han Dongfang, the well-known director of the Hong Kong-based China Labour Bulletin, shaking hands with the world’s trade union leaders. Instead, a group of workers have themselves, through persistent efforts to break through Chinese walls, finally succeeded in reaching out to co-workers overseas. This is the culmination of a number of breakthroughs in the last ten years.



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