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Compensation Demands of JetPower Employees with Excessive Cadmium Levels

Appendix 1

Compensation Demands of JetPower Employees with Excessive Cadmium Levels
(Due to JetPower’s relocation or bankruptcy)

1) JetPower should pay for workers’ social security scheme (Shenzhen standard) until their retirement (retirement age for female 50 years old and male 60).
2) JetPower should pay nutrition Fee (300 Yuan per month) to all workers with excessive cadmium levels and placed under observation until the cadmium levels are back to normal.
3) JetPower should first pay the severance payment to workers with non-fixed labour contract an amount of “2 X no. of years of working X one-month salary” (2N, N= “no. of years of employment X one-month salary”). JetPower should arrange replacement for those who prefer to stay in Shenzhen, if not, JetPower should pay the severance payment for an amount of 3N. In addition to this, JetPower should follow the aforementioned 1) and 2).
4) GoldPeak should assign its other subsidiary in Shenzhen to be responsible for workers’ annual medical check-up and treatment. The arrangement should be written down and agreed by both parties and each worker will get a copy of the agreement.
5) The company should arrange urine tests for the children of workers with excessive cadmium levels annually. When the children are diagnosed as cadmium poisoned or with excessive cadmium levels, GP should take full responsibility.
6) In arranging new jobs for the workers with excessive cadmium levels, No discrimination should be taken against those with excessive cadmium levels. Workers should enjoy the same working conditions as the other workers have.

(With signatures from 10 workers with excessive cadmium levels)

16 March 2009

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