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"News on Workers' Right and Environmental Justice", PC Global, Newsletter No.1 October 2006

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Newsletter No. 1 October 2006

Case of Gold Peak

  • 2003, three factories of the Gold Peak Industrial Holding Company (GP) in China, producing cadmium batteries for laptops, contaminate 400 workers - at least eight officially diagnosed with cadmium poisoning
  • 2004, the first group of GP workers sue the company. Their bid for a just settlement fails
  • June 2005, court finds in favour of GP
  • Jan 2006, another three workers are poisoned with cadmium and more than two dozen workers have higher than normal level of cadmium. Evidence shows poor levels of occupational health and safety training, education and safeguards in GP factories. Workers have been threatened with criminal charges by GP for petitioning the central government in Beijing • Globalisation Monitor (GM), a Hong Kong based NGO, takes up the case and demands justice
  • July 2006, GP sues GM and two other HK groups for ‘defamation’
  • September 2006, protests held outside GP’s shareholder’s meeting in Hong Kong.

For more information and tips for action, visit GM website:

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