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Rural Survey

This is a survey conducted by the China Labor Study Group and published by Globalization Monitor. In three consecutive year from 2008-2010, the China Labor Study Group trained dozens of rural migrant workers, who were returning home for the Chinese new year holiday, so that they could conduct interviews with their fellow villagers. The themes of each year’s survey were as follows:


1 How far were government policies of giving material support to rural communities implemented at a grassroots level?

2 The present situation of the peasant economy and its difficulties.

3 The administration of village affairs through Rural Committees.


1 The present situation of the peasant economy and its difficulties.

2 The real situation concerning the non-market exchange of farm land among village households and how farmers view this.

3 How collectively owned lands were developed and how democratic the election and administration of Rural Committees were.

4 The implementation of the Central government’s policy of encouraging peasants to set up their own businesses.


1 The effect of the economic crisis on the employment and livelihoods of rural households and their migrant workers.

2 How peasants assessed the effectiveness of government’s policies in supporting peasants to overcome the economic crisis.

3 How far the rural cadres were able to implement government policies in general.

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