Action on 4.28 & May Day

Letter for Legco members and 2 replied agreeing to meet with the Coalition.
Letter for Donald Tsang got 50 groups and individuals to sign on and among them 17 Legco members. (see attachment)

April 28

Actions organised by GP Cadmium Poisoning Coalition—Protest against GP poisoning their workers, both in HK and mainland China and called for fair compensation for workers, in front of big local retailers in busy shopping center in Causeway Bay in the HK island which sell GP batteries. The Coalition DID NOT intend to call for boycotting the GP product, but to inform consumers to be aware that the product they buy may not be produced in humane situation. The GP cadmium poisoning case is a good example to show that without labor groups’ and unions’ monitoring and freedom of association; violations of labor rights can be rampant.