China’s garment industry and its workers- Wage research report 2013

This is the report is about the labour conditions of garment industry in China. This report comprises two parts, with the first, on literature review, being an analysis of the changes in China’s garment industry and an outline of the basic plight of Chinese workers. Through questionnaires and in-depth interviews, the second part covers a survey of the labour side of the garment industry, getting to grips with these workers’ laboring conditions and their difficulties in making ends meet. The interviews were sourced from the workers in four sizeable garment plants as well as from the domestic outworkers in the Chen Dian town of Shantou city [in Guangdong province], with most of them willing to take part except those from one particular plant who weren’t forthcoming with details even when they were reached by our interviewers. Details of these interviews are listed under the “Case analysis” heading in Part 2.