At least 69 Dynamic Casting (Guangzhou)’s workers are suffering from Hand-Arm Vibration condition

The story behind the Adidas golf equipment production –

At least 69 Dynamic Casting (Guangzhou)’s workers are suffering from

Hand-Arm Vibration condition

Globalization Monitor

24th September 2012

Since 2011, Globalization Monitor has conducted several investigations into one of the Adidas golf equipment suppliers, the Dynamic Casting Company Limited (Dynamic Casting), which is located in the Guangzhou Industrial Zone. Our investigations show that at least 69 polishing workers there are suffering from Hand-Arm Vibration condition (HAV thereafter). One year after the first reported case, Dynamic Casting has yet to arrange proper treatment or compensation for those workers in question, and it has similarly failed to arrange its entire production workforce to undergo occupational health examinations. Workers have complained that:

1. Dynamic Casting refused to send workers for a diagnosis for possible occupational diseases;
2. The private agreement of compensation that Dynamic Casting offered to those affected workers was unreasonably harsh;
3. Starting from March last year, Dynamic Casting has relocated its production lines elsewhere without explaining to its workforce why that was happening. Workers were led to believe that the factory was going to shut down, which has an intimidating effect on them;
4. Workers could not seek appropriate assistance from the Adidas Hotline.
5. Dynamic Casting refused to pay health examination fees to workers who got the “Notice of Acceptance of Diagnosis of Occupational Diseases” in advance.
6. Dynamic Casting delay to pay disability allowances in a lump sum to workers who had got the official disability recognition.

Judging from the report we received we suspect that Dynamic Casting is deliberately delaying the compensation to workers in order to shirk its responsibilities. At the same time, we are very disappointed that Adidas-TaylorMade as the buyer of Dynamic Casting failed to monitor its supplier adequately.


Founded in 1994 in the Guangzhou Industrial Zone, Dynamic Casting is the first wholly-owned production base of the Taiwan-listed Dynamic Precision Casting Mfg. Co. It mainly produces golf drivers and golf balls for TaylorMade which is under the Adidas Group as an OEM production subcontractor. The products of this company are exported to Europe, the USA, Japan and other countries. The company claims that it has been practicing the OSHAS 18000 management system since 2008. read more…


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