Urgent Appeal: Stop Violent Assaults on Labour Organisations in China

In December 26, 2014, four unidentified persons entered the Panyu Migrant Workers Documentation Centre (PMWDC). Zeng Feiyang, the head of PMWDC, was assaulted violently. His eyeglasses were broken and there were bruises near his right cheek bone. PMWDC called the police immediately and demanded that the police file a case for investigation. On December 27, 2014, PMWDC issued a statement sternly condemning violence targeting citizens working for workers’ welfare and demanding the police to pursue, investigate and administer justice according to the law. In a few days, over 20 labour organisations in mainland China and more than 2,000 individuals joined in signing the statement.

For years labour organisations in mainland China have been fighting for the lawful rights of workers and supporting their actions to safeguard their rights. Since 2012 many labour organisations have come under violent attacks. It has become increasingly difficult for them to operate. The office of Little Grass Workers’ Home in Shenzhen was vandalised by thugs violently and the organization was forced to relocate again and again. Jin Shichang of the Migrant Workers’ Centre in Zhongshan was beaten up by security guards paid by employers and was forced to leave Guangdong. In Zhejiang Province, the office of Little Fish Labour Rights Protection Centre in Yongkang was smashed and Huang Caigen, head of the organization, was attacked and injured by thugs in the middle of the night. Zhang Zhiru of Shenzhen Chunfeng Labor Disputes Services Centre was repeatedly forced to relocate, his car was vandalized and he was threatened on the phone again and again. The violent assault on Zeng Feiyang, the head of PMWDC, was the most recent case of violence. As the consciousness of Chinese workers grows and as workers around the country struggle to safeguard their rights, the violence targeting workers’ organisations is obviously attempts to obstruct and to stop the workers’ movement from growing strong.

HKCTU & Globalization Monitor appeal to you:

1.To support the struggles of Chinese workers and labour organisations in mainland China, and to condemn the violence targeting Chinese labour organisations and Chinese workers;

2. To urge the government of People’s Republic of China to pursue, investigate and bring charges against the perpetuators in these cases of violent assault and to protect the safety of Chinese citizens.

December 31, 2014

Initiated by:

Hong Kong Confederation of Trade Unions
Globalization Monitor

Sign the appeal

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