WTO is Everything to be Blamed Condemning the HK police brutally suppress justice people’s struggle

Globalization Monitor
Neighborhood and Workers’ Service Center

The MC6 Conference has come onto the 5th day. Because of the police interruption and provocation—not allowing people to march on the original route—therefore, large scale conflict has occurred. WTO has destroyed workers’ and peasants’ livelihoods all around the world. So the protesters fight against the police. The justice is on the people’s side!

Anyone who supports the suppression of the people is on the side of the exploiters. What’s most shameful is that the police have shot tear gas many times to the crowd without any previous warning. Many journalists and observing citizens have become the victims. Moreover, the police used to announce that they won't use the water cannons, but in this afternoon, they use the water cannons to attack the protesters. All of the above has shown that the police have violently abuse human rights.

The WTO has brought huge disasters to workers and environment since it established ten years ago. The rich countries, authoritarian governments, and multinational corporations which dominate the WTO, put profits before people’s needs for the interests of politicians and big corporations. The peasants have been bankrupted, the workers lost their jobs, and the environment polluted. We’ve had enough!

Human beings are not slaves of governments and capitalists. Fighting against injustice is the sacred right of the people. Therefore, we call for the people of Hong Kong to understand and support this just struggle! Say no to the WTO, which is destroying people’s lives! Say no to the HK government’s suppression on the people! Immediately release all the detainees!

17th December 2005

Endorsed By: National Federation of Independent Trade Unions, Taiwan.
Coolloud Web, Student Council of Graduate School for Socail Transformation
Studies Shih Hsin University, Jen-Jing Labor Center, Support Yang-Ru-Men
League, Workers’ Democracy Association

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