Solidarity Protests against Walmart in Hong Kong

At noon, 31st Jan, 12 activists came from six labour groups including Hong Kong Confederation of Trade Unions, Globalization Monitor, Students & Scholars Against Corporate Misbehavior (SACOM), Asia Monitor Resource Centre, Asian TNC Monitoring Network and Labour Action China staged a solidarity protest at Walmart Asia office in Hong Kong. 

Hong Kong labour groups protest in Walmart Asia Office

The labour groups successfully entered the reception area of the office and spread out the banner and shouted slogans “Walmart, Compensation Now!” 

As the labour groups suddenly come, the Walmart staff did not have any preparation but have to direct communicate with them. There were three Walmart Asia staff come, including Ms. Chan, Anthony Rose, vice president, Corporate Affairs and Scott Price, president and CEO, Walmart Asia.

The labour groups requested Walmart Asia to compensate the workers in Cambodia. They told the Walmart staff about Kingsland dispute and the HK mother company Gold Ocean and the disappearance of its boss Hsu Ka Shing. As the responsible brand company, Walmart should intervene and make sure Gold Ocean/Hsu compensate the Cambodian workers according to law. If not, Walmart should compensate the workers.

The CEO of Walmart Asia said the Hong Kong Walmart office mainly deal with China Sourcing and not responsible on sourcing Cambodia. However, the labour group insisted that they should give them the contact person and numbers, and a day when we can get a reply.

The CEO of Walmart Asia response to the labour groups

Finally after some arguments, The CEO agreed to give a reply on next Monday. The labour groups would continue the actions if Walmart does not give them a prompt reply.