Rally to Support Edward Snowden in Hong Kong



On 16th June, 2013, 900 people marched in solidarity with Snowden in Central, Hong Kong


  • Edward Snowden, the whistleblower behind the NSA internet and phone surveillance program has come to Hong Kong because, he says, we “have a spirited commitment to free speech and the right of political dissent”. Snowden sacrificed his personal safety and freedom to defend our right to free speech and Internet freedom.
  • We call on Hong Kong to respect international legal standards and procedures relating to the protection of Snowden; we condemn the U.S. government for violating our rights and privacy; and we call on the U.S. not to prosecute Snowden.”
  • Do you want to stand for freedom and the rule of law? Or should we totally disregard Hong Kong’s legal system? This episode marks a crossroads in Hong Kong’s future. Stand up for the future of Hong Kong..
  • Time: 3-5:30pm, Saturday June 15, 2013. Rally route: Starting 3pm at Chater Garden, Central MTR exit J2. Rally to the U.S Consulate and then Tamar SAR government building.
  • Rally preparation: Please bring your friends, prepare for rain and try to bring water resistant posters. Bring a whistle. Slogan suggestions: “Defend Free Speech, Protect Snowden”, “No Extradition”, “Respect Hong Kong Law”, “Shame on NSA”, “Stop Internet Surveillance”, “Betray Snowden = Betray Freedom”.

28 co-organisers:

► inmediahk.net 香港獨立媒體網
► Hong Wrong
► Civil Human Rights Front 民間人權陣線
► People Power 人民力量
► Hong Kong Christian Institute 香港基督徒學會
► Hong Kong First 香港本土
► Midnight Blue 午夜藍
► Speak For Humanity
► Land Justice League 土地正義聯盟
► 1908 Book Store 1908書社
► Youth Union 青年聯社
► Left 21 左翼廿
► Socialist Action 社會主義行動
► NuTongXueShe 女同學社
► League of Social Democrats 社會民主連線
► Hong Kong Professional Teachers Union 香港教育專業人員協會
► Next Media Trade Union 壹傳媒工會
► Defend HK Freedom 保衛香港自由聯盟
► Autonomous8a 自治八樓
► Hong Kong Women's Worker Association 婦女勞工協會
► League of Social Democrats 社會民主連線
► Hong Kong Civil Liberties Union
► Democratic Party 民主黨 
► Labour Party 工黨 
► The Neighbourhood and Worker's Service Centre 街工 
► Student Union of The Chinese University of Hong Kong 中大學生會
► Globalisation Monitor 全球化監察
Democracy depot 民主研究中心


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