Hong Kong May Day March

Demand for a minimum wage of HK$33 per hour

Migrant workers, trade unionists and students were among those who joined in with the international celebration of May Day in Hong Kong on Saturday. The march was organised by the Hong Kong Confederation of Trade Unions. Demonstrators marched from Victoria Park to the Central Government Offices chanting slogans calling for improvement to labour rights and working conditions. One of the key issues for protestors this year was the demand for a minimum wage of HK$33 per hour. Many workers in Hong Kong are forced to work for poverty wages.

With the government set to bring in a minimum wage for the first time in a few months, trade unions are calling for a minimum wage of at least 33 dollars an hour, even though an earlier survey indicated that a higher minimum wage rate would be more desirable. Despite such a moderate call by the unions, their demand acts as a counter to the business lobby which is calling for the wage to be set as low as HK$24. Other May Day demands included support and protection for domestic workers, no to the outsourcing of public services, as well as for legislation on collective bargaining and improved overtime pay.

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