Next TV union threatens strike over work benefits

 (Editorial Note: As Next TV news labour negotiations broke down the union held a strike vote. The strike action received overwhelming support from union members. In Hong Kong and Taiwan, this is the first time a media union has obtained the right to strike. In the upcoming struggle, the union is facing a very hard situation. Without support from workers of other news stations, so far the struggle remains isolated.)

Taipei Times 

The Next TV Workers’ Union yesterday threatened to go on strike as it accused the network of trying to curtail reporters’ benefits in order to reduce company losses.

The network, which was previously owned by Next Media, was purchased by ERA Communications last year.

Saying ERA had canceled many of the workers’ benefits, the union passed a resolution last week making it legitimate to go on strike. It became the first television network whose workers had approved the legal right to strike.

The union further demanded that ERA not unilaterally cancel paid leave and holidays previously enjoyed by Next TV employees — including Labor Day, 12 days of sick leave and three typhoon holidays.

Union president Cheng Yi-ping (鄭一平) said he stopped getting assignments and was demoted from his position as a television reporter to working full-time as union president after the union approved the resolution. CONTINUE READING

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