Protest against the suppression on the Korean Railway Workers’ Union

Calling Korean Government to respect labour rights and to free all the union leaders 

HKCTU will organize a protest against the Korean Government to condemn their violation of the right to strike of Korean Railway Workers’ Union (KRWU) and to call for release of all the arrested strikers. The KRWU launched a general strike since December 9 against the move to privatize the state-run rail operator (Korea Railroad Corp). According to the statement of KRWU, their intention of the strike is to protect the public ownership of the Railway in Korea. However, their fight for justice was under violence attack by the Korean Government. On December 22, hundreds of riot police raided the KCTU's headquarters in Seoul injuring hundreds due to the use of pepper spray and violence. Since then, warrants for the arrest of 28 union officers have been issued based on criminal charges of ’obstruction of business’.


HKCTU demands the Korean Government to

1.      immediately free all the arrested strikers

2.      stop persecuting the union and the strike

3.      bargain with the KRWU and to stop privatization of the state-run-railway operator



Date:December 24, 2013 (Tuseday)

Time :  10:00 (Gather at the top floor by Exit B of Admiralty MTR Station)

Place :  Consulate of Korea in Hong Kong

5-6 floors, Far East Finance Centre 16 Harcourt Road

Hong Kong