This is a group of very strong women – notes from the Guangzhou University Town sanitation workers’ strike.


China Labour Net Editorial Note: On August 21st more than 200 striking sanitation workers from Guangzhou University Town gathered at GOGO Xintiandi protesting against the termination of their labour contracts by their employer, a property services company, and its refusal to pay compensation according to the workers’ years of service.

Before August 28th the workers had already been on strike for seven days, every day still sitting out in the square.  More than 80% of the workers involved in the strike are women. Although the workers continue to be suppressed, the atmosphere is one of solidarity.  Meanwhile, the strike has also received attention from university students, who have supported the workers.

These are the notes of a Guangzhou citizen reporter who visited the strikers and made on site interviews to vividly record the story of the women sanitation workers.

The report (in Chinese) is available to download from the link below.